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Our mission at Fitscript

Fitscript will provide solutions to the global market for safe and effective diabetes exercise. Developed by people living with diabetes, Fitscript products and services are designed to meet the unique requirements of diabetics for safe and effective exercise.

Fitscript products and services empower both diabetics and their care providers with proven tools to prevent, control or reverse diabetes. Fitscript offers payers, ACO’s and at-risk organizations with a validated approach that can reduce the incidence and cost of diabetes amongst their insured.  Simply stated, Fitscript’s goal is to provide scalable solutions to meet the global requirement for safe and effective exercise to prevent, control or reverse diabetes.


GlucoseZone offers diabetes specific exercise guidance based on your real time glucose levels. Reverse, reduce, and control your diabetes with live exercise classes and a library of on-demand workout videos designed to lower your A1c, reduce weight, and help you achieve your fitness goals from home, the gym, or outdoors.

teach me type 1

teaching newly diagnosed t1d worldwide

Teach Me Type 1 is an app designed to engage newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics.  The app features characters such as Professor D, Snax, Dr. Eat-A and Coach C discussing issues facing diabetics.  This free application is meant to bring education, awareness, and discussion to the T1D community.

team fitscript

our mission is to change diabetes management worldwide

  • Jennifer Klau, Ph.D.
    Jennifer Klau, Ph.D. Director of Research
  • Lauren Ventrella, M.S
    Lauren Ventrella, M.S Director of Health and Wellness
  • LaurieAnn Scher, MS, RD, CDE
    LaurieAnn Scher, MS, RD, CDE Vice President of Partnerships and Integration
  • Laura Joseph, M.S
    Laura Joseph, M.S Director of Digital Coaching
  • Charles O’Connell
    Charles O’Connell Founder & CEO
  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood CTO
  • Matt Walton
    Matt Walton COO
  • Keivon Jones
    Keivon Jones Chief Creative Officer


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